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Ash Class Home Learning

Things To Do Every Day

Each day it would be great if you could complete the relevant daily lessons from Read Write Inc. (See Below for links)

Please try to read something everyday, remembering to use your phonic knowledge and your knowledge of the red words. 

Please learn the number bonds to 5 and then 10 and then 20 and continue to count in steps of 1, 2, 10 and 5 forwards and backwards if you can. You could try 'Hit the Button' which you can find online. 

Don’t forget how important exercise is too, especially for those of you that are isolating at home. Why not start 2021 getting fit? Joe Wicks is back on You Tube each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. He is live at 9am, but you can do his workout any time of day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays why not try one of the challenges that TLE (our PE provider) has suggested.

Daily Comment

Friday 26.02.2021 - Good morning Ash Class. I hope you are all well! Thank you to everyone who joined in with our Zoom catch up today. It was lovely to see you all! Here are the activities for today's learning. 

  1. Complete the relevant group videos for Read, Write Inc. (Miss Linthorne's group - If you are getting really good at set 2 sounds, then you might like to look at set 3 speed sounds which can also be accessed via YouTube (See the link below)
  2. Handwriting - p (down the pirate's plait and around his face) k (down the kangaroo's body, tail and leg) and h (down his head to his hooves and over his back)  
  3. White Rose Maths - Year 1. Complete the booklet all about place value to 50. After, why not try some problem solving? (See below for links) Reception - Watch the White Rose Maths video and click on the 'Get the activity' link. 
  4. PE - Today is 'Fancy Dress Friday' with Joe Wicks. I wonder what he will be wearing today? 
  5. DT - We will be starting our DT topic about 'wheels and axles' today. You get to explore wheeled toys and find out how they move. 

Have a great day and have a lovely weekend. Next week we will be completing some fun activities to celebrate World Book Day. 

Miss Linthorne



Read, Write Inc Lessons on YouTube. This link will work each day showing new lessons. Click on the link below and complete the videos for your group. 

Read, Write Inc YouTube Link

Reception/Year 1 - Mrs Baker's Group

Set 1 Speed Sounds Lessons

Set 1 Word Time Reading 

Set 1 Spelling

Year 1 - Miss Linthorne's Group 

Set 2 Speed Sounds Lessons

Set 2 Spelling

Red words

Read and hold a sentence


Set 3 Speed Sounds Lessons


Red Words Powerpoint- Go through these words everyday. How many can you read?


Phonics and Reading

Oxford Owl Phonics and Reading (Search for Read, Write Inc. reading books)

Click here for a Bedtime Story.



White Rose Maths - Reception

White Rose Maths - Year 1

Year 1 Activities

Monday - Counting in twos.    Extra Activity


Wednesday - Today the children are practising counting in fives.     Extra Activity



Problem Solving Questions 


Five Frames

Ten Frames

Number tracks 1-10

Number Tracks 1-20

0-20 Number Line

Rainbow Number Line

Part Whole Model


Which materials dissolve in water?  (Link to BBC Bitesize) 



What is fieldwork?  (Video)



The Lost Son - Video



Finding Information

Cbeebies Topics 

Infant Encyclopedia



TLE Sports Coaching - YouTube 


Making a Healthy Choice


Design and Technology

Wheels and Axles - Week 1



Lesson 1 - Out in my neighbourhood

Lesson 2 - People in my neighbourhood

Lesson 3 - Let's go shopping (Part 1)

Lesson 4 - Let's go shopping (Part 2) 

Lesson 5 - People who help us - Singing games

Lesson 6 - More people who help us