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Willow Class Home Learning

Friday 26th February

Good morning Willow class,

Maths- Year 2- end of unit assessment I have included a worksheet below. Yr3- Calculate perimeter- Video links are on this page under the Maths heading and are in purple I have attached a worksheet at the bottom of the page. Please use Topmarks fact families multiplication and division yr2- 2, 5 and 10. Yr3 3,4 and 8. Also use TTrockstars to practise your times tables.

Reading- Make sure you read something today a home book or an eBook from Oxford Owl. I have included a reading comprehension below.

Phonics- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo7fbLgY2oA_cFCIg9GdxtQ Mrs Wainwright's group set 3 and read longer words. Miss Smith's group set 2 and read red words (scroll further down the youtube page and you will find this video).

Writing- Today write the next 3 plot points of your story. Please can you use a conjunction (joining word) in one of your next plot points, add a simile (comparing something to something else i.e. my hair is golden like the sun) in another plot point and a preposition (i.e. across, down, under etc) in another one of your plot points. 

Grammar- Prepositions.

PSHE- Today we start our new unit Healthy me. We are going to be looking at what we do to keep ourselves healthy and why it is important to be healthy. It is sometimes difficult to stay motivated to keep healthy, but there are things we can do to help. At the bottom of the page I have attached an activity, in which there are 4 scenarios from Jo Jigsaw. What suggestions can you write down to help her to get motivated to do the tasks?

 PE - Don’t forget how important exercise is too, especially for those of you that are isolating at home. Why not start 2021 getting fit? Joe Wicks is back on You Tube each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. He is live at 9am, but you can do his workout any time of day,  https://www.youtube.com/c/TheBodyCoachTV/featuredOn Tuesdays and Thursdays why not try one of the challenges that TLE (our PE provider) has suggested. TLE Sports Coaching - YouTube . Don’t forget to take photographs to show your progress!

Please keep sharing your work or any questions via Classdojo. If you are doing your Write stuff in a book please take a photo of the book and share with me.

Stay safe

Miss Smith








The Write Stuff


Phonics and Reading

 Oxford Owl Phonics and Reading

Oxford Owl e-Books



White Rose Maths Home Learning 


Four operations with length



Compare lengths- Monday 22nd Feb

Add lengths- Tuesday 23rd Feb

Subtract lengths- Wednesday 24th Feb

What is Perimeter? Activity Thursday 25th Feb

Measure perimeter- Thursday 25th Feb

Calculate perimeter- Friday 26th Feb



silent letters



Practise and apply homonyms


Practise and apply homophones

Compound words



Word classes

Expanded noun phrases

Being verbs





Two functions of apostrophes

Apostrophes for singular possession

Apostrophes for contractions

Apostrophes for plural possession







Ancient Greeks





Making my program in Scratch- Planning

 Click here to join 'Scratch' program online for free


Do I trust my internet use?


Safer Internet Day Videos

'Reliability' Video 1- Apple Ant

'Reliability' Video 2- Creation of a creature




Friday's Worksheets

 PSHE- 26.3.21.docxDownload
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Thursday's Worksheets

 problem solving lengths 24.2.21.docxDownload
 RE 24.2.21.docxDownload
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Wednesday's worksheets

 Ancient Greek philosophers.pdfDownload
 example plot point map.pdfDownload
 Plot point map.pdfDownload
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Tuesday's Worksheets

 Activity Cards - Four Operations with Lengths.pdfDownload
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Monday's Worksheets

 t-e-1000-lks2-mythical-stories-from-different-cultures_ver_12- year 2.pdfDownload
 t-e-1000-lks2-mythical-stories-from-different-cultures_ver_12- year 3.pdfDownload
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