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Welcome to Cedar Class

We are in Year 2 and Year 3. 

Mrs Bakary is our class teacher and Mrs Dixon is our teaching assistant.

This year in Cedar Class we have 27 amazing children who all love to learn, investigate and explore.

 In Cedar Class, we pride ourselves on having a positive attitude to work. We enjoy making our brains stronger by challenging ourselves. We celebrate success and know  that when something is hard, we just haven't mastered it "yet"!

We are all good friends in Cedar Class. We love to play games and enjoy  using our school environment   to have fun together . We respect, tolerate and listen to each other so our classroom is a happy place to learn.


What are we learning at the moment?

This term, our topic is INSPIRATIONAL PEOPLE! We will be learning different curriculum subjects through the lives and achievements of some famous people from the present and past. 

In Science, we will be learning about Plants and Animals and Their Habitat by studying the life and work of Steve Backshall.

In Geography, we will be locating Jamaica on the world map and comparing Jamaica with the UK by studying the achievements of Usain Bolt.

We will be continuing to learn more about Jamaica through our study of Mary Seacole in History, which we will link to our study on Florence Nightingale.

In Computing, our study of Tim Burners-Lee will teach us about the world wide web, the internet, e-safety and web searches.

In DT, we will be learning about healthy eating and will be cooking up some tasty treats, inspired by Jamie Oliver.

We will be looking at famous musicians from the past and in Art we will be studying the amazing works of Freda Kahlo.


We will learn about the impact these incredible people have had on the world around us over time. These people will inspire us to work hard at our goals and fulfil our potential - whilst having lots of fun at the same time!


Look at our amazing inspirational people costumes!

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There are many fantastic authors who inspire us to read and write. In Cedar Class we love nothing more than reading a great story! As part of our Inspirational People topic, we  have been reciting Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes. We will be focusing on other works by Roald Dahl, including 'The Magic Finger' and 'Fing' by David Walliams.



In Maths, we love to learn practically. We use lots of apparatus to help us understand place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have lots of fun solving problems and using our reasoning skills to explain our processes. We also enjoy using pictures to help us solve problems and represent numbers. 

Class Environment

We like to learn in a bright and stimulating environment where we celebrate learning. Here are some of the displays in our classroom.