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These are the activities for you to do at home. 

They will be updated regularly.

Home Learning:

We now have a dedicated Home Learning email address that you can use to ask questions regarding your child’s learning whilst at home.  Please note that this is to assist you in your home learning and not to answer specific questions like ‘What is the answer to question number 4?’   We are anticipating that you will receive a reply within 48 working hours.

The email address for this is:

We are also setting up an ‘Achievement Wall’ to display what your child/children have been doing at home. Please use the school’s email addresses to send us information or photographs of your child’s work.  Please put the words ‘ACHIEVEMENT INFORMATION’ in the subject box. We look forward to seeing what they have been up to.

Remember to practise your phase 3 and phase 5 sounds every day if you are in one of Mrs. Dixon's phonics groups. Ask an adult to write some words with those sounds in for you to read. Then you can try writing them yourself! 

 phase 3 sounds.pdfDownload
 phase 5 sounds.pdfDownload
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CEDAR CLASS DAILY TASKS - Please remember these are suggested daily learning activities. Just do what you can, when you can.

Friday 3rd April

Year 2 & 3 Maths: Play the time bingo game (named boards and cards). If you don't have a printer, you could make one of your own.

English: Look again at 'Animal Town' writing activities. Answer the questions section and then write your own story based on the picture.

Topic: Research Easter symbols on the internet and then complete the Easter symbols sheet.

 Easter symbols.pdfDownload
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Thursday 2nd April

 Year 2 & 3 Maths: Keep practising telling the time on an analogue clock. The more you tell the time, the better. You'll all be experts when the school reopens! 

English: Look at the 'Animal Town' writing activities. Complete the sentence challenge (page 3) and the sick sentences (page 4).

Topic: Watch the 'life cycle of a flowering plant' powerpoint and complete the 'growth of a plant' ordering activity. 



 Animal town writing activities.pdfDownload
 groeth of a seed ordering activity.pdfDownload
 t-t-2547035-the-lifecycle-of-a-flowering-plant-powerpoint_ver_1 (1).pptDownload
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Wednesday 1st April

Year 2 & 3 Maths: Practise telling the time on an analogue clock (clock with hands). Every time you do something new, look at a clock and tell what time it is!

English: Complete another Year 2 common exception wordsearch (below) or a Year 3 wordsearch (see Wed 25th Mar below). Then write the words in sentences, remembering your punctuation.

Topic: If you have any plants at home (and your family says it's okay), put one in the fridge, one in a dark place and two in the sunlight. Water them all regularly except one of the sunlight plants. See which one grows best over the next few weeks. Draw your observations and find out whether plants need light, warmth or water to grow. 

 Common Exception Words 2.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 31st March

Year 2 Maths: Complete the digital o'clock and half past times sheet.

Year 2 Maths: Complete the 5 minute digital - analogue time matching cards activity. 

English: Sort the words into adjectives (describing word), nouns (object/feeling word), verbs (doing word) and adverbs (tells you how/where/when something is done)

Topic: Watch the powerpoint about what plants need and complete worksheet. 

 5 minute digital -analogue matching cards.pdfDownload
 digital o'clock and half past.pdfDownload
 Sorting Mats.pdfDownload
 what plants need sheet.pdfDownload
 what plants need to grow.pptDownload
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Monday 30th March

Year 2 & 3 Maths: Complete yesterday, today, tomorrow and ordering months of the year activities. Challenge - answer the months of the year questions.

English: Write a diary entry of your weekend or of last week. Use past tense, time words, write in the order things happened and include thoughts and feelings.

Topic: Watch the Easter powerpoint to remind you of the Easter Story. Write your own version of the story. You could print and order the story pictures and make a flap book.   



 easter story flap book.pdfDownload
 months of the year questions.pdfDownload
 ordering months.pdfDownload
 yesterday, today and tomorrow sheet.pdfDownload
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Friday 27th March

Year 2 Maths: Complete the forwards and backwards time challenges. 

Year 3 Maths: Complete the 12 hour to 24 hour time sheet.

English: Complete verbs activity sheet (* or ** = Y2, * = Y3).

Topic: Complete the food group and healthy eating food group activities.


 12 hour to 24 hour time .pdfDownload
 food group activity.pdfDownload
 forwards and backwards time challeng cards.pdfDownload
 healthy eating food group activity.pdfDownload
 verbs activity.pdfDownload
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Thursday 26th March

Year 2 Maths: Complete the quarter hour loop cards activity.

Year 3 Maths: Complete the 5 minute time matching game.

English: Complete the conjunctions worksheet (* = Y2, ** = Y3 * = challenge)

Topic: Make a vehicle with wheels and axels from whatever you can find at home. Send a picture on dojos.

 5 minute pelmanism game.pdfDownload
 quarter hour loop cards.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 25th March.

Year 2 Maths: Play quarter to and past time game. 

Year 3 Maths: Complete 5 minute time sheet.

English: Complete one Y2 or Y3 wordsearch. Learn to read and spell these words and write them in sentences. 

Topic: Watch the Wright Brothers powerpoint. Read the Wright Brothers factsheet and see how many facts you can learn.


 5 minute time.pdfDownload
 Common Exception Words 1.pdfDownload
 quarters and halves time game.pdfDownload
 wright brothers info.pdfDownload
 y3 word shearches.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 24th March

Year 2 Maths: Complete time sheet for half past and quarter past times.

Year 3 Maths: Complete time sheet for revision of quarter to and quarter past times.

English: Build a lego house and write instructions for how to do it. 

Topic: Watch the powerpoint and linked video clips about the first attempts at flight. Then order the pictures of flying crafts onto the timeline.



 half and quarter past.pdfDownload
 instructions writing frame.pdfDownload
 quarter past and to revision year 3.pdfDownload
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 #Lesson Presentation A History of Flight.pptDownload
 Activity Sheet A History of Flight Timeline - Editable.docDownload
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I may be directing you to White Rose Maths Home Learning for some of your tasks. Check it out to make sure you can find it before next week.


 Carol Vorderman is offering free maths lessons


Our Phonics Scheme- Year 2's recap Phase 3 and 5 sounds to ensure you remember them but work on Phase 5/6. 

For Phonics, I have attached the Phonics Play planning below. The planning suggests links to games on their website

 Phase 2 Planning.pdfDownload
 Phase 3 Planning.pdfDownload
 Phase 4 Planning.pdfDownload
 Phase 5a Planning.pdfDownload
 Phase 5b Planning.pdfDownload
 Phase 5c Planning.pdfDownload
 Phase 5d Planning.pdfDownload
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 Master Builders Lego Challenge.pdfDownload
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Starting at 9am on Monday 23rd March, please try to join The Body Coach for a daily 30 minute PE lesson here: Videos


RE Year 2 Watch this short film and this clip to learn all about the Easter story. Can you make a story map or a cartoon strip of the story? Can you tell the story to someone else at home?

RE Year 3 Learn about the Easter story here.

There are film clips, information to read and suggested activities. This video tells you how Christians celebrate Easter.

 how to draw bugs.pdfDownload
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