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Welcome to Cedar Class

We are in Year 2 and Year 3. 

Mrs Bakary is our class teacher and Mrs Dixon and Mrs Cozens are our teaching assistants and Mrs Carville teaches in our class for part ofthe mornings aswell.

Mrs Fear teaches in Cedar Class on Friday afternoons.

This year in Cedar Class we have 26 amazing children who all love to learn, investigate and explore.

 In Cedar Class, we pride ourselves on having a positive attitude to work. We enjoy making our brains stronger by challenging ourselves.

We celebrate success and know  that when something is hard, we just haven't mastered it "yet"!

We are all good friends in Cedar Class. We love to play games and enjoy using our school environment to have fun together.

We respect, tolerate and listen to each other so our classroom is a happy place to learn.


Click here for Cedar Class Curriculum (2021-2022 is Cycle B)


What are we learning at the moment?

In terms 3 and 4, our class learning theme will be  'Can you live without electricity?'  

To start off the topic we will be trying a day without electricity in class to see what it is like and how we have to adapt throughout the day.

Our Science focus this term is light. We will be learning about different sources of light , how we need light in order to see, understanding reflection and reflective materials, understanding transparent, translucent and opaque and understand how shadows are made.

Why not take a closer look at what we will be learning in in term 1, with out termly overview to see details about our  learning in each subject? 






Please see below the knowledge organiser for our learning theme 'Can you live without electricity?'

How much information can you remember about light?

Do you know what the key vocabulary words mean? Can you remember any key information?

Have a go at challenging yourself and your friends to find out how much you can learn and remember! 


If you are at home self-isolating, please click on the links below and work through the lessons and activities linked to our lessons in school and our 'Can you live without electricity?' learning theme.

Maths - 

Recognise 2d and 3d shapes video

Recognise 2d and 3d shapes worksheet

Count sides on 2d shapes video

Count sides on 2d shape worksheet

Count vertices on 2d shapes video

Count vertices on 2d shapes worksheet

Count faces on 3d shapes video

Count faces on 3d shapes worksheet

Count edges on 3d shapes video

Count edges on 3d shapes worksheet

Count vertices on 3d shapes video

Count vertices on 3d shapes worksheet

English -

Michael Rosen's 'Bathroom Fiddler' poem video

  1. Watch the 'Bathroom Fiddler' poem video.  Think about being a 'desk diddler' and fiddling and diddling with all the things in the classroom. 
  2. Use the poem planner at the bottom of this page to plan your own poem called 'Dinnertime Diddler' about fiddling and mucking about at dinnertime.  Use the following lenses: adverbial, actions, simile, metaphor, repetition, rhyme, inner thought, onomatopoeia. 
  3.  Write your poem  in full, using your poem planner to help. 


Punctuation dialogue


Science - 


RE - 



Link to download 'Kodu'



 poem planner.docxDownload
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