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Welcome to Cedar Class

We are in Year 2 and Year 3. 

Mrs Bakary is our class teacher and Mrs Dixon and Mrs Statton are our teaching assistants.

Mrs Skinner teaches in Cedar Class on Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings.

This year in Cedar Class we have 25 amazing children who all love to learn, investigate and explore.

 In Cedar Class, we pride ourselves on having a positive attitude to work. We enjoy making our brains stronger by challenging ourselves.

We celebrate success and know  that when something is hard, we just haven't mastered it "yet"!

We are all good friends in Cedar Class. We love to play games and enjoy using our school environment to have fun together.

We respect, tolerate and listen to each other so our classroom is a happy place to learn.


Click here for Cedar Class Curriculum


What are we learning at the moment?

In the Spring term, our class topic will be  'WHAT DID THE ANCIENT GREEKS DO FOR US?'

In History, we will be learning about Ancient Greece.

We will learn all about who the Ancient Greeks were,  Athens and Sparta, Alexander The Great and the Greek Empire, the Battle of Mathathon,  Greek Gods, the Olympics,  life in Ancient Greece and the legacy of Ancient Greece. 

In Science, our first unit of study will be Everyday Materials 

We will learn to identify materials, recognise their properties, investigate how we can change their shape and understand how their properties affect what they can be used for.

Our second Science unit of study will be Plants.

We will learn what plants need to grow, naming the parts of a flower, pollination and the life cycle of a flowering plant.

In RE we will be learning about what Jewish people believe about the Covenant and the Torah.

In Art, we will be learning about Typography and creating our own Greek letters. We will also be learning how to print using carbon copy paper to create designs for an Ancient Greek vase. 

In Computing, we will be learning about how to stay safe online, whether to trust internet searches and programming with Scratch.

In Music, we will be following our Music Express curriculum.

In PSHE, we will be following our Jigsaw curriulum.

In French, we will be following our La Jolie Ronde curriculum.


Please see our topic knowledge organiser below. Have fun learning some key facts and vocabulary!






This term, we will be reading some Greek Myths. We will be reading  'Theseus and the Minotaur' and will even be writing our own Greek Myth! We will also be reading 'The day The Crayons Quit' and learning to write persuasive letters and recounts. Finally, we will be learning to write instructions for making bird feeders. 


In Maths we  follow the White Rose scheme of learning. 

In the Spring term, we will be continuing to develop our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division methods .  We will also be learning about fractions, statistics and geometry. 

We love using apparatus to help us learn and we always follow a CPA approach (concrete - pictorial - abstract). 

You can see the children enjoying our fun Maths learning activities below.




In the Autumn term, Cedar Class had the pleasure of learning Samba drums. They did brilliantly well and made excellent progress. They even finished the term with a socially distanced performance on the playground to the rest of the school. Well done Cedar Class!