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Welcome to Willow Class

Willow class is made up of 28 children in year 2 and year 3. Our teacher is Miss Smith and our TA is Mrs Wainwright, Mrs Vallis also helps our learning. 

We are kind, respectful and supportive towards each other and have a positive attitude to our learning and strive to do our best.

In the summer term our big question is what is life? We will be learning about how we know if something is alive and what all living things need. In Science we will be learning about vertebrates and invertebrates and looking at skeletons, muscles and joints. We will also learn about the importance of having a healthy, balanced diet, the importance of exercise in keeping us healthy and good hygiene. Our Geography topic this term focus on settlements- what they are,  what all settlements need, why they were built in certain locations, the land use (agriculture, retail, housing etc) and how settlements are linked. We will look at local settlements when learning about land use and links between settlements.




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Our Classroom

Our Learning

In Design and Technology this week Willow class have been sewing and have made gingerbread men hanging decorations.

Look what we have been learning!