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Welcome to Willow Class

Willow class is made up of 28 children in year 2 and year 3. Our teacher is Miss Smith and our TA is Mrs Wainwright, Mrs Vallis also helps our learning. 

We are kind, respectful and supportive towards each other and have a positive attitude to our learning and and strive to do our best.

In the Spring term our big question is What did the Ancient Greeks do for us? We will be learning about what life would have been like in Ancient Greece. We will also be learning about significant individuals such as Alexander the Great and philosophers  Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. The Greeks had many Gods and Goddess', which we will learn more about. We will also be looking at the legacy the Ancient Greeks left for us- Olympic games, alphabet etc. Below is the knowledge organiser where you can learn more about the Ancient Greeks.



Home learning

Please click on the home learning tab at the top of the school website page and then click on Willow class. Please make sure you read something daily and discuss the book with the adult you are reading too- predict what might happen next, how the character might be feeling and why, the meaning of words etc. As always please use classdojo to ask myself any questions with regards to work or to share your home learning with me.

Take care

Miss Smith


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Our Classroom

Our Learning

In Design and Technology this week Willow class have been sewing and have made gingerbread men hanging decorations.

Look what we have been learning!