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Welcome to Willow Class

Willow class is made up of 30 children in year 2 and year 3. Miss Smith is our teacher and Mrs Wainwright is our TA. Miss Nurcombe has also joined the Willow team. We always strive to do our best and to be proud of and enjoy our learning.

In the Autumn term our big question is Who settled here first? Term 1 will have a History focus we will be learning about Stone Age to Iron Age and what life would have been like for the people during this time. Linking to this our first Science unit is Rocks. We will be learning about types of rock and how they are formed, properties of rocks, fossils and soil formation. We will also learn about Mary Anning whose research on fossils helped prove earlier work and helped with other scientists understanding of fossils. Further linking to our question our first art unit is based on houses we will be making roundhouses using collage.




In English we are continuing to use The Write Stuff. Our first unit is based on the book Stone Age boy. After our sentence stacking lessons children will do their own independent story writing.  Our second unit this half term will be non-fiction (holiday brochure)  based on Skara Brae. 


Year 2 children will continue with daily Read Write Inc lessons, which will consist of speed sounds, practising story green words and speedy green words and red words (words that cannot be decoded). Children will read the story with a partner and on day 3 will answer questions about what they have read.


Year 3 children will be doing whole class reading, which focus on reading comprehension skills. The 6 comprehension skills are:-

  • Making sense (inference)
  • Word consciousness (vocabulary)
  • Predicting
  • Summarizing 
  • Activating prior knowledge
  • Visualizing 


There is further information about Reading on the term 1 letter.


Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (SPAG)

Children will do daily 15mins of SPAG. Year 2  and year 3 coverage see below.



Place value is our first unit. Year 2 will be working on numbers to 100 and year 3 will be working on numbers to 1,000. Children will learn the value of each digit in numbers by partitioning them, placing numbers on number lines, comparing numbers, ordering numbers and representing numbers in different ways. Children will also continue to develop their reasoning and problem solving skills. Our second unit will be addition year 2 children will learn adding 1-digit to a 2-digit number and addition 2-digit numbers. Year 3 will be learning to add a 2-digit to a 3-digit and 3 digit numbers.



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Home Learning

If you are currently learning at home please use the links below.



Add 1-digit to a 3-digit number

Add 3-digit to 2-digit number (not crossing)

Add 3-digit to a 2-digit number (crossing 100)

Add and subtract 100s

Spot the pattern


Use TTrockstars  to practise times tables. Also practise number bonds and fact families using Topmarks.



Stone Age to Iron Age










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