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Welcome to Willow Class

Willow class is made up of 28 children in year 2 and year 3. Miss Smith is our teacher and Mrs Wainwright is our TA. Mrs Elsworth is also joining the Willow team as a 1:1 TA. Mrs Fear will continue to teach on a Monday afternoon. We always strive to do our best and to be proud of and enjoy our learning.

This term our big question is Can things grow in the desert? Our Geography focus this term will be the continents of the world and we will be focusing in on Europe and North and South America and countries within these continents. We will also be comparing a North American desert (Chihuahua desert, Mexico) with Somerset, including physical and human features, Locating and plotting deserts of the world on a world map. In Science we will be learning about plants- parts of a plant and their function, things plants need in order to grow, how water is transported around plants and the life cycle of a flowering plant such as a sunflower. Our History focus this term is the Mayans we will be learning about the Mayan civilisation, Mayan temples, Mayan religion, calendars and numbers and how the Mayan civilisation declined. 




In English we are continuing to use The Write Stuff. Our first unit is a fable called 'A Crow's tale'. Our second unit is called 'Big cats' and is a non-fiction unit. 


Some year 2 children have now moved off the Read Write Inc (RWI) scheme and will join year 3 for whole class reading. For those children still on RWI programme will continue with daily lessons, which will consist of speed sounds, practising story green words and speedy green words and red words (words that cannot be decoded). Children will read the story with a partner and on day 3 will answer questions about what they have read.

 Year 3 and some year 2 children will be doing whole class reading, which focus on reading comprehension skills. The 6 comprehension skills are:-

  • Making sense (inference)
  • Word consciousness (vocabulary)
  • Predicting
  • Summarizing 
  • Activating prior knowledge
  • Visualizing 

We are reading a chapter book this term called 'The boy who grew dragons'. 


Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (SPAG)

Children will do daily 15mins of SPAG. Year 2  and year 3 coverage see below.



This term for Maths , the first unit this term is Time followed by Mass, Capacity and Temperature.. (see more on the small step coverage on the term 5 overview below).  In term 6  Year 2  will be consolidating learning from previous units and doing Maths investigations. Year 3 will be learning about Shape and perimeter and length.


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Home Learning

If you are currently learning at home please use the links below. Make sure you do TTrockstars or topmarks everyday and also make sure you read.



Year 2- video links

Year 3- video links


Use TTrockstars  to practise times tables. Also practise number bonds and fact families using Topmarks.












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