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Hazel Class

 Year 3 & 4

Home Learning:

We now have a dedicated Home Learning email address that you can use to ask questions regarding your child’s learning whilst at home.  Please note that this is to assist you in your home learning and not to answer specific questions like ‘What is the answer to question number 4?’   We are anticipating that you will receive a reply within 48 working hours.

The email address for this is:

We are also setting up an ‘Achievement Wall’ to display what your child/children have been doing at home. Please use the school’s email addresses to send us information or photographs of your child’s work.  Please put the words ‘ACHIEVEMENT INFORMATION’ in the subject box. We look forward to seeing what they have been up to.

Please see below for Easter plan of activities, Easter challenges and additional Easter downloads.  

Home Learning Activities

Here you will find some activities for Year 3 and 4 children. Please use these to help consolidate and extend your knowledge and understanding while you work at home.

Friday 3rd April Good morning Hazel Class! I hope you are all keeping happy and well. Today try to take part in Joe's P.E lesson. You can wear fancy dress today. Finish your poetry reciting and maybe do a book review on your poetry book or poem. Test your spelling knowledge and complete this week's math's tasks.

This is my last daily update for the next two weeks. Over the Easter break try to have fun and relax. Get outside if you can for your daily exercise and keep helping your adults at home. Later today, I will add lots of fun activities and challenges all with an Easter theme. You don't have to do them all, just pick the ones you would enjoy doing. It would be lovely to see some photos of the things you make and do. Take care and stay safe and well. Mrs Broomsgrove and myself are missing you all. Happy Easter!

Thursday 2nd April Remember to join Joe Wicks The Body Coach for his P.E workout every morning at 9.00am. Find the link lower down this page. Continue to follow the White Rose activities and learn your times tables. There are worksheets in your pack or to download below. Keep reading and recording what you read in your journal. Remember to read fiction and non-fiction as well as poetry. Can you select another poem to learn? Copy out your poem in your best joined handwriting and illustrate. Keep being helpful at home!

Wednesday 1st April Good morning everyone. I hope you are all happy and well. Complete Activity 2 on the White Rose Home Learning Page. Begin to learn the words beginning with d and put these into your own sentences. Rehearse reading your poem out loud. Try to recite it from memory if you can. When you feel confident recite it to your family, they could even film you doing it! Have a game of noughts and crosses or use Top Marks Hit The Button to develop your times tables knowledge.

Tuesday 31st March Continue with The White Rose Home learning Maths Activity 2. Consolidate your spellings of Year 3 & 4 words beginning with c. Copy out your chosen poem in best. Keep safe and well. Play I-spy or hangman to keep you entertained.

Monday 30th March Look at the White Rose Year 3 & 4 Home Learning Maths Tasks. You will find the link on the Home Learning page of this website. Continue learning the spellings and meanings of the Year 3 & 4 words beginning with c. Use these words in some of your own sentences. Read everyday and complete a book review every time you complete a book. Find a poem you really like.

Friday 27th March Good morning Hazel Class. Please get someone to test you on the spellings and math's facts you have been learning this week. Use Hit The Button to speed up your recall of multiplication and division facts. Present your fact file in best and share it with someone in your house. Don't forget to read everyday for at least fifteen minutes. Stay safe and well over the weekend.

Thursday 26th March -Another lovely sunny day! Today,  please make sure you are reading for at least fifteen minutes. Continue to learn as many division facts as you can linked to this week's multiplication facts and consolidate your spelling of the Year 3 & 4 Common Exception Words. Draft your mini beast fact file and find some illustrations or diagrams to add to it. I hope you are doing your daily workout with PE Joe (see below). Stay safe and be helpful at home.

Wednesday 25th March Good morning and I hope you are all keeping well. Please practice division questions related to the times tables facts you have already be learning. Try learning the meanings and spellings of words beginning with b on the Year 3 & 4 word list below. Find out about a specific mini beast you might find in your garden or at school. Don't forget to look on line or in books for fun facts and information in order to make your own fact file later in the week.

Tuesday 24th March - Hello! I hope you are all happy and well. Keep working hard at your times tables and division facts. Don't forget TT Rock Stars or Hit The Button are good for this. Could you write a poem about Spring? It could be an acrostic or a narrative poem and you could illustrate your final copy with a spring-time border.

Monday 23rd March - Good morning. Please try to read a book or article today and complete a book review. Use the Year 3 & 4 word list and learn the 'a' words. Find out their meanings and put them into sentences. Consolidate your times tables Year 3 x3 Year 4 x8



 1 Easter Learning Theme Challenges.pdfDownload
 Easter French Colour by Numbers.pdfDownload
 Easter Joke Codebreaker.pdfDownload
 Easter Mindfulness Colouring.pdfDownload
 Easter SPaG Mystery.pdfDownload
 Easter Wordsearch.pdfDownload
 Hazel Class Easter Activities.pdfDownload
 Multiplication Mosaic.pdfDownload
 Origami Bunny.pdfDownload
 Shape Chick.pdfDownload
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I may be directing you to White Rose Maths Home Learning for some of your tasks. Check it out to make sure you can find it before next week.


Carol Vorderman is offering free maths lessons KS2 Online lessons


Starting at 9am on Monday 23rd March, please try to join The Body Coach for a daily 30 minute PE lesson here: Videos


 Fact File Template.pdfDownload
 Fiction book review.pdfDownload
 Non fiction book review.pdfDownload
 Y4 Home Learning Booklet Multiplication & Division.pdfDownload
 Year 3 & 4 Spelling Lists.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Addition and Subtraction Workbook.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Ultimate Times Tables Challenge.pdfDownload
 Year-4-Additon-and-Subtraction Workbook.pdfDownload
 Yr 3 Learning From Home Measure Maths Booklet.pdfDownload
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Year 3 and 4 - ‘Wytmstooth Crown.’ Please find below the great story ‘Wytmstooth Crown’ and some activities to completed linked to it.

 The Wyrmstooth Crown.exeDownload
 The Wyrmstooth Crown.pdfDownload
 Wytmstooth Adding the Suffix - ly.pdfDownload
 Wytmstooth Addition Mosaic.pdfDownload
 Wytmstooth Colouring Pages.pdfDownload
 Wytmstooth Create a Crown.pdfDownload
 Wytmstooth Crossword.pdfDownload
 Wytmstooth Design a Dragon for Every Season.pdfDownload
 Wytmstooth Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe.pdfDownload
 Wytmstooth Missing Punctuation.pdfDownload
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21st March 2020 World Poetry Day - To celebrate, here are some poems to enjoy and inspire you to create your own.

 Firework Night by Enid Blyton Poem.pdfDownload
 George Poem Twinkl Font.pdfDownload
 If by Rudyard Kipling.pdfDownload
 Leisure KS2 Handwriting Poems.pdfDownload
 Life Cycle Of A Plant Handwriting Poem.pdfDownload
 Matilda Poem Twinkl Font.pdfDownload
 R L Stevenson From A Railway Carriage Poem Handwriting Practice Twinkl Font.pdfDownload
 The Charge of The Light Brigade.pdfDownload
 The Crocodile KS2 Handwriting Practice.pdfDownload
 The Eagle Alfred Lord Tennyson Poem Handwriting Practice Twinkl Font.pdfDownload
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RE Learn about the Easter story here.

There are film clips, information to read and suggested activities. This video tells you how Christians celebrate Easter.

 how to draw bugs.pdfDownload
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The Classroom

Welcome to Hazel Class !

Hazel Class now has thirty one fantastic children from Years Three and Four. We all get along really well and work hard in our colourful classroom.

The Autumn Term was great fun and we learnt lots about The Vikings and Anglo Saxons. The children made fantastic Viking Long ships in Design Technology  as well as Christmas penguins and holly wreaths. In Art our portrait work was impressive! We found out about Vincent Van Gogh and drew portraits of ourselves, our peers and Vincent himself! The run up to Christmas was great fun and we enjoyed the pantomime, party and visit from Father Christmas.

This term our focus will be on The World Map. We will find out about different continents, countries and cities,  as well as the human and physical features of places within Europe. In Science we will be finding out about living things and their environment and looking at how different climates effect animals and plants. We also hope to develop our compass skills during Forest School and design and build our own homes for mini beasts! In Art we will look at landscapes and the work of Claude Monet and in P.E we will be improving our dance and gymnastic skills. We try to read every night at home and learn our spellings and times tables. Keep up the hard work Hazel Class!

Our teacher is Mrs Brown, who is supported by Mrs Broomsgrove our teaching assistant.


Hazel Class Displays

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