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Rowan Class

Years 5 & 6 are taught by Mrs Karen Partington

with Mrs Amanda Counsell.

Year 6 children - please click here for the latest news regarding transition to TKASA (8.7.2020)


Message from Mr Nevell:

Thursday 2nd July 2020:

Hello everyone and I hope you are all well.

School reports, information on next year's classes and other equipment collection:

We have several important items for you to collect from school:

  • Your child's end of year report
  • Information about your child's class and teacher in September
  • An update letter
  • PE bags
  • Books from this year

These items can be collected from your child's school at the following times:

Monday 6th July: all parents/carers of families collecting food hampers can collect their child's above items between 11am and 12pm.

Tuesday 7th July: all parents/carers of families with surnames A-M can collect their child's above items between 11am and 12pm.

Wednesday 8th July: all parents/carers of families with surnames N-Z can collect their child's above items between 11am and 12pm.

Further to this, if you have reading books and/or anything else to return to the school it can be done when you are picking up your child's items.

If you are unable to do any of the above, or you have any questions, please ring either school office.

Gifts for teachers/staff:

We have been asked by some families if they are allowed to give gifts to teachers/staff under the current circumstances. If you would like to do this, you are welcome to bring the gift to the school anytime in the morning on Monday 13th July. Thank you.

Thank you everyone.

Take care.

Mr Nevell


Week beginning 6th July

Hi there Rowan Class.

It's been lovely to hear from the children who have been completing their home learning. Thank you for striving to keep up with your work.

For this week's learning, please continue with the White Rose Maths lessons. As usual, links and resources are on this page and in the Google Classroom and the answers will be available on Friday.

I'd also like to to keep up your fitness and activity levels, so aim to join in with Joe Wicks (Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays only) or get out for some physical activity every day. Try to get a bit puffed out for about an hour a day.

For English, follow the Oak National Academy lessons for your year group. Feel free to choose other lessons if you'd like to - no pressure. There are also resources and videos on BBC Bitesize that you might enjoy. Remember to put your work in our Google Classroom to show me what you've been doing.

I've got one more resource for you - checkout Get Epic online. I've set up our class to enable you to choose from a huge range of reading books. Our class code is lgp5346. The more you read, the more options you earn to change your avatar. Year 6 have been enjoying using the website in school and I'm hoping to see you all reading for at least 15 minutes every day. Well done Amelia - you've managed to sign in and have chosen some great books.

Take care everyone and have a happy week. 

Mrs P 



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VIRTUAL SPORTS EVENT - Please see below for further information. - Enjoy and have fun.

CLICK HERE for Timetable of Events.

CLICK HERE for Instructional Video

Rowan Planner for Summer 2



Here is the planning I would have used in school this term. I am not expecting the children to do any more school work than I set each week, but I appreciate some children might like to engage in more learning. I hope this is a useful guide.

 Jigsaw Medieval Britain.docxDownload
 Summer 1 Overview.docxDownload
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Year 6 Children Only - Please find below a letter from TKASA

 Year 6 Transition Letter .pdfDownload
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Home Learning:

We now have a dedicated Home Learning email address that you can use to ask questions regarding your child’s learning whilst at home.  Please note that this is to assist you in your home learning and not to answer specific questions like ‘What is the answer to question number 4?’   We are anticipating that you will receive a reply within 48 working hours.

The email address for this is:

We are also setting up an ‘Achievement Wall’ to display what your child/children have been doing at home. Please use the school’s email addresses to send us information or photographs of your child’s work.  Please put the words ‘ACHIEVEMENT INFORMATION’ in the subject box. We look forward to seeing what they have been up to.


Curriculum Visions is a great website where you can find hundreds of books (mainly non-fiction). To access the books, your login is west.huntspill/0001 and the password is jungle. 


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 Home Learning Suggestions for Years 3 to 6.pdfDownload
 how to draw bugs.pdfDownload
 Self-isolation science 5 6.pdfDownload
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Our Learning

Look at some of the amazing things we have been doing!

We learnt to do interesting balances with our partner in our gymnastics lessons.

Rowan Class Jigsaw

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Rowan Class Knowledge Organiser - The Americas

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Rowan Class Knowledge Organiser - Living things

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