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Hazel Class Home Learning

Every day:

Reading - Please try to read a book or part of a book each day and discuss what you have read with an adult. There are lots of e-Books available through the Oxford Owl link below.  If your book is fiction can you retell the story or describe the characters ? Can you predict what might happen and explain why you think this using evidence from the text? If your book is non-fiction please make notes of the key information and explain what you have learnt to someone. Remember to use the glossary if there are any words you do not understand. I will leave the book review activities in the Monday Worksheet file list so you can complete one whenever you complete a book.

Spelling - At the bottom of this page are the Year 3 & 4 Statutory Spellings. Please choose three words each day to work with. Use our Look, Cover, Say, Write and Check method to learn each spelling and put each word into a sentence so that you can show me that you understand the meaning of each word and can use it in the correct context.

Maths - Keep learning your multiplication and division facts. Can you say your times tables out loud to someone? Year 3 - consolidate your knowledge of 2,3,4,5,and 10 x tables then move on to learning your 8 times table really well. Year 4 - you should be working hard to learn all of your times tables up to 12 x 12! Don't forget to use T.T Rock Stars to help improve your fluency and recall. I will be able to see how well you are doing with T.T Rock Stars and this always makes me really proud.

P.E - Try to get outside in the fresh air everyday if you can. It is also recommended that, in order to stay healthy, children need to be active for 60 mins everyday. Please use the PE links to access Joe Wicks and T.L.E(our P.E provider) activities below for some fun challenges to help you keep fit. Try to do something active everyday for at least 30 minutes.


Daily Activities - Please upload your work to Class Dojo or send photographs of your work so that I can mark it and give you feedback. If you are working with a paper pack please hand these in each Monday, when you collect your next one. If you are working in the exercise book provided we will collect these in before half term to mark. If you have any queries please contact me via Class Dojo and I will respond as soon as I can.



Thank you to everyone in Hazel Class. You and your wonderful parents have all been absolutely fantastic at Home Learning. 


English Reading 

Oxford Owl Phonics and Reading

Oxford Owl e-Books

I have created a Class Login to the Oxford Owl e-Book Library below. Click on the link - login -students - Username - WestHazel Password Brown21.



Year 3

Year 4

Year 3 Spelling

Homophones and Homonyms

Compound Words


Year 4 Spelling

Spelling Suffixes -ate, -en, -ify, ise

Suffixes -tion, -ity, -ness

Suffixes -tion, -cian, -sion, -ssion



The Write Stuff



Year 3 T3 Punctuation Level Objectives

Year 4 T3 Punctuation Level Objectives


Year 3 Grammar T2 Word Level Objectives

Year 4 Grammar T2 Word Level Objectives





Building Locational Knowledge Europe

Building Locational Knowledge South America





Human Anatomy


Art & Design




Cooking Nutrition: Healthy and Varied Diets

Electronics: Simple Circuits and Switches




Make my e book

Investigating my sounds



Safer Internet Day Videos

'Reliability' Video- Consideration of Apple Crumble Website

'Reliability' Video- Fact Checking Strategies

'Reliability' Video- Be responsible and pass on messages


'C'est Moi!'




Athletic Activity : Run, Jump and Throw




Friday Worksheets

 t-l-51736-roald-dahl-true-or-false-quiz-powerpoint (2).pptDownload
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 T-T-7159-Roald-Dahl-Colouring-Sheets_ver_4 (1).pdfDownload
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 Little Red Riding Hood.pdfDownload
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Thursday Worksheets

 Matilda's Brain Power Activity to Support Teaching On Matilda Chapter 19.pdfDownload
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 4. Y4-Calculate-quantities-Thursday.pdfDownload
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Wednesday Worksheets

 Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.pdfDownload
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Showing 1-1 of 1
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 3. Y3-Subtract-lengths-Wednesday.pdfDownload
 3. Y4-Fractions-of-a-quantity-Wednesday.pdfDownload
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Tuesday Worksheets

 2. Y3-Add-lengths-Tuesday.pdfDownload
 2. Y4-Fractions-of-a-set-of-objects-2-Tuesday.pdfDownload
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 Quentin Blake.docxDownload
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Monday Worksheet

 1. Y3-Compare-lengths-Monday.pdfDownload
 1. Y4-Fractions-of-a-set-of-objects-1-Monday.pdfDownload
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 T-T-7147-Roald-Dahl-Factfile-Powerpoint_ver_1 (1).pptDownload
 t2-t-280-roald-dahl-powerpoint (3).pptDownload
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 Turn a Potato Into a Book Character.docxDownload
 World Book Day 2021 Reading Menu.pdfDownload
 World Book Day 2021_ Weblinks.docxDownload
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 Fiction book review.pdfDownload
 Non fiction book review.pdfDownload
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